Weeks 4/5

So the aching has begun, I was feeling like I was not working hard enough and although it could of backfired I decided to up my miles on week 4 went for my first 10 mile run of my training which definitely was challenging considering the I had jumped up a few miles from my actual training plan however looking back at the run I managed a steady pace and did not feel much muscle soreness after! However my next training run I noticed some complaining around my knee and after some searching and asking around came to the conclusion that is was most possibly Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).

The Runners World site has become my go to bible at the moment and wrote a couple of articles on ITBS that may be interesting for any other runners our there! In their article they state that ITBS is a common injury which many runners can come across while training.  The iliotibial band is the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin and this can be become tight or inflamed when overused. The IT band is attached to the knee and helps to stabilize and move the joint so of course when this is not working very well it makes running very painful. I was lucky in that the pain was something I could still run through that day and I had noticed it early so I could begin to start doing something about it before it really affected my running. After reading running articles on foam rollers and then seeing it for myself, i have come to realise how important they are! It has become my best friend which i use after runs, before i go to bed and even my rest days. I noticed a big difference after around a week of doing this and the tightness seemed to have calmed down.

The weekend of week 5 saw me complete my first race event of my training which was the Rhyl 10 miles! After my knee mishap earlier on in the week I was worrying that I may have to give it a miss and try do a shorter run but after a few slow and short runs I felt they had recovered enough for me to try again for a longer one. Sure enough I felt great afterwards! Even though the last mile was still hard I defiantly noticed a difference in my endurance than the 10 miles I had ran previously.

My hair did not agree with the 40mph winds… Credit: SteveJefferyPhotography 

I have got into my head that my training runs are not fast enough and I need to start getting my pace up however after looking it up out of interest I found a few articles, one by  by Jeff Gaugette a fitness column writer, in particular to be perfect for what I was feeling. The main line that sticks out for me is “It’s better to be 90% prepared and 100% healthy than 100% prepared and 90% healthy.” which I definitely need to keep in mind sometimes when I am kicking myself about not going fast enough or not doing enough miles one week because I would rather not over-train and get injured at this point of my training. It goes on to explain how you could run slower than your potential on your training runs and still see improvements in the long-run. It was described as “banking” the miles so to speak.

Decide on a new small goal which will be to add a sprint session once a week instead of one of the weekday runs. I feel my motivation could start to struggle slightly if I keep it all the same each week so I thought this could mix it up a bit and give me something challenging as sprints are not my strongest or my most favorite workout!

The half marathon is next to come!

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