Its been the week of slow runs and cross training this week! Last weekend (5th March) I completed my second half marathon! Not only did I get to see my course friends there I got to do it with my Dad which felt great to have someone as supportive as him with me. So lets begin with how it went – I beat my last time of doing a half marathon by half an hour! I mean I was hoping to get sub 2 hours however I was over by a minute! I am still very happy with how I did especially with the horrific weather we were graced with that day which was constant rain. I usually prefer to run in the rain but I think it took me by surprise how much it could affect me while running. The first 10 miles with the rain was rather cooling, however the last 3 miles I noticed the cold, my legs were feeling tight and I felt like they would not move any faster no matter how much I willed them to. Post run it took me what felt like hours to actually warm up again and get colour into my body. I recently found out I suffer from Raynauds disease and my hands were especially not a healthy colour for a while! As some of my training runs will be longer than the half I have looked up for any advice for running with bad circulation and found an article from the site Another Mother Runner on advice for people with this disease who will be outside running a lot. I would say the main one I would do next time is wear a hat and gloves! The wet hair was not helping so a hat would of been a lot handier.

Other that this I actually really enjoyed the half and I am v17311690_10155127786159530_427925514_oery pleased with my time. I have had some issues with my knees again this week however so I have been at with the wonderful foam roller again and trying not to push myself too much. As my runs have not felt too pleasant this week and i did not fancy missing out a week of training I decided to take up a new hobby that could also be a benefit to me which is rock climbing! I have always wanted to get into it as I lack upper arm strength and also wanted something different than going to the gym! It is definitely something that I am going to try attend once every week and will report on my progress! As I mentioned in my last post my new smaller goal is to build up some strength so that my body can handle the longer runs easier and speed myself up on shorter runs.

On that note I mentioned starting to go sprinting which I did with two of my classmates this week! I did a sprinting session with the class two weeks ago and found it very hard but exhilarating at the same time so was looking forward to the after feeling of this session as well. I noticed I was not as tired by the end as I was the first time we did it which is a good sign and I felt I worked a few different muscles that had been on a break throughout the longer runs.

Following an article on Runners World, this week I am hoping would of been beneficial to me because recovery is the most important aspect of training and as much as I would like to go outside and run, I would rather not give myself an injury so I can not run at all!

The goal for the next week is get back into the swing of my full training plan as I would say the legs have had enough rest from the long runs now and I’m reading to get my miles in for the week! Hopefully my next post I will have picked up on my speed and smashed some personal bests! Wish me look and thank you for taking to time to read.



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